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Sunset Gel

Barry M’s new Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint and Topcoat deliver the look and resilience of pro salon gel nails without a UV lamp or the expense! All you need is a Sunset colour and the Sunset Topcoat – no need for a basecoat as the special formulation bonds to the nail like a gel in daylight but can still be removed with a regular remover. Hi shine, long lasting gel nails have never been so easy!

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  • So shiny!

    From: Lucy Wright
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    Love how shiny this left my nails, got so many compliments from my mates for days after I applied it.

  • @

    From: Laura S
    Shade: I've Been Pinkin'

    Love this nail varnish! It definitely has the look of gel nails and lasts really well. Highly recommended. Hopefully there will be more colours soon :)

  • Made me teal great!

    From: Ames
    Shade: The Way You Make Me Teal

    Awesome shiny colour! Would love more colours!

  • Coolio

    From: Rebecca C
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    Wow! Very impressed with coverage, colour,effect, high shine and quality of varnish in comparison to the usual brands I usually wear! Will be buying more - please add more colours 😉

  • perhaps the best nail polish ever!

    From: Alison
    Shade: Fuchsia Generation

    I am always on the search for the perfect polish and I have tried all the expensive and professional brands. Gel doesn't stay on so I have been trying the various day curing gels that are on the market and I love them. However, Barry M's version is by far the best and the cheapest too. It dries with a shine you wouldn't believe and makes your nails rock hard so you can grow them long and they don't break. The polish lasts all week and seems to get harder every day. I have NEVER had polish last this long. The colours are lovely but please Barry M let's have some more colours as this is the best of its kind, by far. Highly recommended!

  • Amazing! Very impressed!

    From: Carolina
    Shade: Do It Like A Nude

    Bought this to give it go, Barry M nail varnishes are my favourite and this on is just fantastic! Lasted 8 days without even ruining one nail! Absolutely brilliant.

  • wow!

    From: Lucy Babs
    Shade: I've Been Pinkin'

    I'm loving the new brushes that Barry M are using with their new products. The wide head makes applying so much more easier - especially as I have small nail beds. I purchased 'I've Been Pinkin' and I love the colour. It's like a neon pink! I cannot wait for more colours in this range!

  • Fantastic

    From: Rachel H
    Shade: Peach For The Stars

    Quick drying,glossy finish with a nice rounded brush. Peach for the stars is gorgeous for summer and looks really nice against my pale cool toned skin. Definitely need some more colours in this collection.


    From: Laura nagy
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    I am a total fuss pot when it comes to my nails, constantly having them done in salons but I tried this Sunset Nail Paint & WOW! it is amazing! I have the bright red and the colour is so intense and just perfect! With the top coat it dries pretty quick and with such a nice shine to it! Deffo recommend to anyone!

  • Best ever

    From: Karen Davies
    Shade: Topcoat

    This topcoat is fantastic. Dries hard in minutes, stays shiny and resists chipping for days. I've started using it on top of all my favourite colours, and am waiting impatiently for loads more shades in the sunset range.


    From: Kash
    Shade: The Way You Make Me Teal

    i love the colour of this nail polish and its very long-lasting. I didn't get chips in days and it certainly does create a pro-salon look. Highly recommend! Very impresses with this.

  • WOW!

    From: leanne
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    I have used salon gel systems before and aa my nails are so thin it always peels or lifts after about 2-3 days. I bought this on a whim and I don't think I will ever go back to any other polish! Its been on for 4 days now and still looks freshly applied. I have 2 kids so even with bathing them, playing, washing,cleaning and general bashing they have withstood!! My nails feel hard and look lovely. People keep asking 'where did you get your nails done, the colour is lovely". Super impressed! Please bring a full colour range out and maybe a glitter topcoat so we can add a bit of bling!!


    From: Nailz
    Shade: Peach For The Stars

    Really pleased with the way it looks! Had it on 4 over a week, not even chipped!

  • Where have you been all my life

    From: Fiona
    Shade: Topcoat

    This polish is amazing. Dries superquick once top coat is applied, always lasts me around a week or longer, great price, nice brush and beautiful colours. I hope to see new colours added to the collection. I have many nail polishes from various brands budget and expensive, these top all of them


    From: Frankie
    Shade: Fuchsia Generation

    This nail varnish is so amazing. Looks like I have had shellac done professionally. Colour is beaut, and they dried so quick! Definitely buying more colours.

  • Best Nail Varnish Ever!!!

    From: Hayley Lewis
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    I don't normally leave reviews on products but I am so impressed with this range that I had to. My nails have literally never looked so good, its like I've had them done professionally! The gloss finish is super shiny and there are no chips even after a few days wear which is unknown for me (I tend to chip my nails a few hours after painting them). Please please please bring out more colours!

  • OMG amazing!!!

    From: Lianne
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    absolutely amazing finish, all polished, dry and smooth within 30 mins. Nail salon quality...just need more colour variety :)

  • Edinburgh

    From: Great alternative to shellac
    Shade: Peach For The Stars

    Easy to apply and remove. Great alternative to shellac although, it obviously does not last as long. Would be great if you did more colours, esp. white for French manicure!!

  • Amazing

    From: Libby
    Shade: The Way You Make Me Teal

    I always find it really hard for nail varnish to last on me because of what I do, but this lasts for ages, it's super glossy and smooth and I have had loads of compliments. Please bring out more colours

  • Love it!

    From: Nicky
    Shade: Topcoat

    I can't praise this product enough. My nails are soft and usually chip after a day but Sunset has lasted for days on end with a lovely gel effect without the use of a UV lamp. I've just been on holiday and applied it whilst on a sunbed in 40c heat and there was no bubbling which other polish does when applied in heat. In and out of the pool, sea and shower, applying sun cream etc and it still didn't chip. It dries really quickly and is easy to remove too. I had a pedicure using Sunset then went straight for a massage and had visions of my toenails sticking to the towel as I lay there face down. Absolutely no towel fluff stuck to them and they were still smooth and flawless at the end. I don't think I will use any other varnish again it's brilliant.

  • Love it!

    From: Lauren D
    Shade: Fuchsia Generation

    Love this nail paint! Has a super shiny finish and lasts a pretty decent amount of time for nail vanish that isn't UV cured! Would love some more colours though, I'm not a bright nail colour wearing gal! xo

  • At Last!!!!

    From: Joolz
    Shade: Peach For The Stars

    Love love love this polish! At last a polish that does what it promises. It applies so easily and quickly and so far I have had 4 days without chipping! For the price I'd be happy with 3 days! Nails are shiny and chip free. It is much better than more expensive products and I will be trying all the colours!

  • So impressed! !!!!

    From: Kelly Lunt
    Shade: Dark Side of the Shroom'

    Omg Barrym! Shamazing! Brush is lovely applies really evenly error free! Love love love it!!!!!! Lasts for days I can't believe it x

  • Smashing sunset

    From: Mandimoo
    Shade: Vengeance is Wine

    Amazing love it lasts like a true gel xx

  • The best nail varnish I've ever used..

    From: Clare
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    .. and I've used a lot of it. This lasts much longer, and drys so much faster. I cannot recommend it enough. The finish is lovely and shiny too. I'm going to recommend it to all my friends. Please make more colours.

  • Fantastic!

    From: Yveline
    Shade: Dark Side of the Shroom'

    This is such a nice colour, I do love my mushroom colours! It dries really quickly and when coupled with the special Sunset Topcoat, it lasts for such a long time! I hope they bring out more colours soon...

  • I love it!!

    From: Nicola
    Shade: You Drive Me Navy

    I love the fact you can change the colour so easily. I always have to have my nails painted and they last in work!!!!! Fab! ❤️❤️

  • Amazing

    From: Kristy
    Shade: Do It Like A Nude

    Needed more than 2 coats but didn't bother me. Amazing product. I hope they make more colours as this will be the only nail colour product I use now. It dries so fast and has lasted 3 weeks so far with no chipping.

  • Fab!

    From: Rebecca
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    I bought this on a whim and it's amazing! As a new mum I need something that dries quick and lasts long (I don't have time to keep reapplying haha) and it does that whilst still looking amazing! I just wish there were more colours to choose from but best nail paint I've found so far :)

  • Great subsitute for Shellac!

    From: Mapleina
    Shade: The Way You Make Me Teal

    Fab nail varnish. The darker colours give better coverage, the light shades need at least 3 and still aren't great. Lasts a good week and look as good as Shellac! Come off easily with nail varnish remover so good for your nails too! The teal is gorgeous and is my favourite along with the "Shroom".

  • Love it!

    From: Linda
    Shade: Topcoat

    This topcoat dries quickly and has amazing shine. It lasts longer and I can use it on top of all my polishes.

  • Make it in white

    From: Maya
    Shade: Plum On Baby Light My Fire

    As a mother of a 7m old baby, I can confirm that this nail polish beats other products. With how much washing up and cleaning and caring for my little one I do every day and night, a nail polish that lasts 5 days is a miracle!

  • Amazing

    From: G
    Shade: Fuchsia Generation

    Got my nails done with this polish at the ideal home show and it is long lasting and professional looking

  • Beautiful polish

    From: EJ NEWELL
    Shade: Do It Like A Nude

    All of the sunset polishes are simply devine. Dry super quick and level. Cant beat it.


    From: Lucy
    Shade: Pinking Out Loud

    I love all the shades, but this one has to be my favourite!! It's such a lovely pastel and baby color and I just wear it as often as I can!! 😘

  • Best nail polish!!!

    From: Lila
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    I've tried a lot of different nail polishes! This is as close as possible to shellac without needing a uv lamp! Mine last for about 10 days! More colours needed!

  • More colours please !!!

    From: Jo fenwick
    Shade: Vengeance is Wine

    This is just what I've been looking for ! Brilliant stuff just wish there were more colours to choose from ! I love the coconut range of colours but this stuff gives such a great finish that lasts

  • Fantastic

    From: Lolacat
    Shade: Fuchsia Generation

    Used this wonderful deep colour on my toes and it lasted for 3 weeks! No chips and only had to change it because of regrowth on nails. Before you add the top coat it looks a little chalky and uneven however on using the top coat it's like a little bit of magic has happened, super glossy and even its seems to level it out. Fantastic polish but I echo many in hoping for a greater choice of colours.

  • Best ever

    From: Allison
    Shade: Fuchsia Generation

    I have used the sunset gel for the last year , and it does last & looks great I'm always being asked where I get my nails done .


    From: Lois
    Shade: Do You Pink I'm Sexy?

    I absolutely love this nail varnish, it lasts for ages and dries instantly! It also makes me look quite tanned considering I am so pale! I would definitely recommend these nail varnishes, I hope there will be more colours to come!

  • Love love love!

    From: Kayl W
    Shade: Do You Pink I'm Sexy?

    Absolutely love this! Bought on a whim not expecting much but so glad I did. Goes on lovely and the finish is so shiny! Actually looks like Iv been to a salon. Hoping for more shades.

  • Best nail polish ever

    From: Amanda
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    Even if you are rubbish at applying nail varnish. You will be able to achieve a salon quality manicure with these products! I bought one colour and the top coat and applied it late at night, dried super quick super smooth. In the morning they were sill perfect. Tomorrow I'm going to boots to buy 3 more shades and am throwing out all of my Rommel 60 seconds. They are a MUST HAVE. Highly recommend x

  • Amazing!

    From: Kirstin
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    Absolutely love this product would recommend to anyone and everyone!

  • The Best!

    From: M
    Shade: Plum On Baby Light My Fire

    I really wasn’t expecting much when i purchased my first colour and topcoat. Nail polish normally chips on me the same day so on day two when the colour was still chip free, I was quite impressed. By day four I was blown away. My nails were still perfect. I quickly decided to purchase another colour. (I get tired of the same colour for too long) Did I mention I have four young children? And still these lasted! I have very little time to paint my nails and wait for them to dry but these polishes dried in about one minute and the topcoat too. Fortunately, a base coat is not needed with these. Removing the polish was so easy too, just regular nail polish remover and no stained nails either. Is there anything this nail polish can’t do! I love it and it’s the only polish I’ve been wearing for the past few weeks. Now if only we could have more colours, PLEASE.

  • Darker side of shroom

    From: Amy
    Shade: Can't Get You Out Of My Red

    Literally bought this on a whim as I am sick of painting my nails and having chips. I was utterly gobsmacked at how well it paints on and how fast it drys with a beautiful shine my nails look professionally painted and im going to try getting every colour they are just fab. Need to do a glitter though as the shine would be amazing. Thanks Barry M xoxo Gossip Amy

  • Silky

    From: Jesse
    Shade: Fuchsia Generation

    This nail Polish gives a lovely silk to your nails every time. It's never let me down . The long lasting colour and shine are an added bonus