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Condition lips instantly with these Lip Oils that moisturise even the roughest lips to create a smooth smile. Daily use of these non-sticky oils will leave lips feeling nourished and looking shiny and fuller.

Berry Good acts as a double duty lip treatment as it hydrates lips whilst giving them a kiss of colour.

Coco Loco not only smells delicious but contains soothing Camellia to nourish your pout and leave lips silky soft.


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  • Wow! The perfect lip is HERE!

    From: Bry
    Shade: Berry Good

    I love this!!! I put it on at night over lip balm and wake up with a pinker, fuller, healthier lip and wear it out as a gloss that is moisturising not drying my lips through the day! I don't like coconut so got berry good and was just so satisfied! A must for the summer! Also it smell IRRESISTIBLE!!!! 😱💖

  • Lovely

    From: Julia
    Shade: Berry Good

    I usually hate the feel of glosses on my lips but this is one I can stand. I wear this on days that I'm not wearing lipstick and it works a treat at keeping my lips in good condition as well as looking (and smelling) divine

  • Sweet 🌺

    From: Daisy
    Shade: Coco Loco

    I really like this lip oil, it is affordable but works well! The smell is amazing and the product does exactly what it says on the bottle with no stickiness. Will be using it more in the future 🍉🌞😝

  • Best lip gloss out

    From: Holly
    Shade: Berry Good

    Oh my gosh! I just love this stuff! Twenty four hours ago my lips were so cracked, dry and sore, I didn't know what to do with them. So off I went to superdrug and purchased this little miracle, within in a couple of hours my lips were considerably less painful and the following day they are back to top poutable condition. It smells amazing and doesn't leave your lips sticky either. Will definitely be purchasing more this.

  • Brilliant

    From: Amy
    Shade: Berry Good

    Lovng this so far, lips feeling much softer after one day. Went with the coco loco version which is clear and smells delicious. Been googling the ingredients and all seem safe and perfect for keeping lips nourished. Also love this is vegan and not tested on animals!!!

  • Amazing!

    From: Lizzay
    Shade: Coco Loco

    Brought this on a whim because I have super dry lips all the time and oh my god it is amazing! Instantly smooths your lips and smells gorgeous! Deffo worth it for less than £5!

  • omg

    From: poppy
    Shade: Berry Good

    i bought bothof these from superdrug last week and personally I love them.they are hydrating and caring for the lips and also leave a glossy shie.The berry good one smells delightfull but I hate the taste and smell of coconut all the tim so I wasent surprised when I wasent to keen on the cocnut . But obviously this is personal opinion and u might like coconut t.I ju stwant to say that I love them and I ould totally recommend and I hope that in the future u bring out more.

  • Amazing

    From: Amber
    Shade: Berry Good

    I have horribly chapped lips and I bought this as an impulse buy and I loved it! Smells and tastes great, and it really helped, though sadly it's lost currently, praying I'll find it soon!


    From: Liv
    Shade: Coco Loco

    I am lipgloss obsessed and have tried any i find but this one is by far my favourite, it leaves a gorgeous glossy shine which lasts a good few hours and it doesn't feel sticky or have a horrible taste, it keeps my lips hydrated and i just can't recommend it enough!