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Gelly Hi Shine

Hi shine Gel effect Nail Paint provides an extra glossy finish.


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  • Gelly high shine

    From: Abbie
    Shade: Dragon Fruit

    Love these nail polishes every single one but my most favoured one is defenetly dragon fruit the only problem is when I apply the top coat from Barry m it chips very early but without the topcoat it lasts the ten days it says it does ๐Ÿ’‹

  • Perfect Nails Every Time

    From: Sally Anne

    I love the Barry M nail range as it is but the gelly hi shines are perfect! They are the only nail varnish that are affordable that I have found last me even with my horsey life style! And to top it off the colours are amazing! I am on a personal mission to collect them all!

  • Favourite Nail Polish!

    From: Charlotte S
    Shade: Passion Fruit

    I absolutely love this nail collection and use it nearly every time I do my nails. The nail polish gives a salon-gel nail manicure look and has a lovely hi-shine finish. I love the selection of colours available and want to own them. They're a good price too.

  • My favourite nail varnish๐Ÿ’œ

    From: Alisha
    Shade: Pomegranate

    I am I love with all Barry Ms but this one is amazing I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes a red fuchsia ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’œโค๏ธ

  • love the colour

    From: Faye

    Very easy to apply and a nice finish I also like the intensity of the red as well will definitely recommend ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • The Best

    From: Erin

    This nail polish line is actually the best I've tried, and I've tried a lot! I got Blueberry and Almond and they're both really good quality and are such pretty colours. This colour in particular is such a cute cornflower blue and is great for summer. I only needed one coat and I immediately had bright, beautiful nails! Totally recommend and can't wait to try more colours!

  • Fabulous!!!

    From: Abster142

    Great quality polish, lasts ages, beautiful colours and only need one coat! Would recommend to anyone as it is really affordable and has brilliant colours! Was drawn to Barry M through their cruelty-free policy and it really is one of the best! Perfect for any animal lover (or non-animal lover even!) who wants a brilliant nail polish! Great product.

  • Amazing!

    From: Faith
    Shade: Lychee

    This colour is a beautiful nude shade- with a super glossy finnish. To be honest all of the high-shine nail varnishes are amazing

  • Simply the Best!

    From: Jennifer
    Shade: Dragon Fruit

    Having been someone who gets gel polishes done quite regularly, I could never find a nail polish that would match the exact same results, until I tryid

  • Simply the Best!

    From: Jennifer
    Shade: Dragon Fruit

    Having been someone who gets gel polishes done quite regularly, I found it difficult to find a nail polish that I would get the same results, until I tried this! Gelly Hi Shine, is one of the easiest nail polishes to put on, it just magically glides on! The result is amazing it literally looks like I have just walked out of a nail salon! Even if your nails are not in the best condition this polish still makes your nails look in great condition. The colors are amazing and stunning and come in plenty of variety (although if some more shades got added I would not complain!) I am planning to go out at the weekend and stock up on nearly ever shade!

  • Nice but Unexpected Colour

    From: bh
    Shade: Pomegranate

    This is a nice nail polish, but I don't see much of a difference between this and the classics, despite these being more expensive. It looks much better with the Plumpy Top Coat. Also it's a lot more red than it looks both on the website and in the bottle. I wish I'd gone for Grapefruit.

  • This Colour is Amazing

    From: bh
    Shade: Pink Lemonade

    This colour is amazing! It's a perfect muted light pink, with mauve undertones, and great for Spring. It's got a pretty good formula which is quite easy to apply. It takes two to three coats, depending on how thick you do them (I find thin coats works better). You just need to make sure it COMPLETELY dries before touching anything as it easily gets fabric marks in it. Unfortunately, the beautiful shine it starts off with does fade in a couple of days.

  • Great colour, easy application, a great nail polish

    From: Bella

    Blueberry is a lovely, vibrant, summery colour, a really nice bright blue. Gelly Hi Shine nail polishes are always great quality, and it wasn't any different for this one. It's opaque with 2-3 coats (it can be a bit streaky with one but with a second coat, the streakes are covered). It can last a really long time on toe nails, a good week or so sometimes without chipping, and a bit less on your fingernails, but that's to be expected really. It applies easily, and the formula is good, not too watery, not too thick. The finish is great too, with or without a top coat, it does what it says regarding the hi shine finish, a great nail polish.

  • Great, vibrant, summery colour

    From: Zoรซ

    I love all the Barry M nail paints, but the Gelly range has to be one of my favourite ranges. The range of colours in the range is amazing and the quality is always great, especially for the price of them. They are all bargains for ยฃ3.99, as they're amazing quality and lovely colours! I have 3 from the Gelly range - Blueberry, Sugar Apple and Blackberry (but Blackberry doesn't seem to be listed here, and I only bought it 5 months ago at the Clothes Show in Birmingham, and it's a great nail polish too!) But I really like Sugar Apple, as it's a great, bright, pale (if bright and pale makes sense!), bluey-green shade, perfect for summer. However, because it's pale it does need 2-3 coats to make it opaque and there are other colours in the collection that you can wear for longer without chipping, but it's still a great nail polish. The finish is lovely, really shiny and so on a sunny day, the sun can really bounce off your nails! I love that, and I just love the colour too. I'm DYING to grow my collection of these polishes - next on my list to buy from the Gelly range is Prickly Pear, Chai, Acai Smoothie, Sky Blue and Cream Soda, and I can't wait to try them all!!!

  • Amazing

    From: Nikki
    Shade: Green Berry

    Absolutely love this nail varnish! The colours are gorgeous and its thick so only need one coat want one of each colour! In love with the Gelly range

  • best polish ever.

    From: Samantha Abbott

    ive been buying barry m for over a year and i have adleast 70 odd polishs,i got load of different shades of colors.but when i brought this one.Amazing i love the color.

  • great

    From: lucy
    Shade: Pink Lemonade

    I absolutely love the gelly hi shine range it has made my nails so much healthier and longer I completely recommend them and all the colours are beautiful


    From: Chloe
    Shade: Almond

    Used to spend a fortune on getting my nails done with shellac or gel, tried this when bored at an airport (and the colour was lovely) and cannot believe how long it lasts without chipping. This is now the only nail varnish I will buy because I know it will last a long time.

  • Super Shiny Long Lasting

    From: Rachel
    Shade: Acai Smoothie

    I bought this polish for the colour . It's so pretty and really shiny, just like a UV Gel Polish! But I've worn it for over 5 days now and I'm so impressed with it! I've had no chips and it still looks glossy. I'm so impressed that I'm going to collect the other colours! I would highly recommend this polish!!!!

  • Excellent stuff

    From: ROI Customer
    Shade: Black Forest

    Bought the Gelly Black Forest and I'm really happy with it, it goes on very nicely and has a lovely shine. I don't cap my tips or apply a base coat so it does chip after four days or so, but still a really good polish. Perhaps applying a base coat would make it last longer.


    From: amanda
    Shade: Damson

    Wow this nail polish is increadiby easy to apply and dries really quick, I am a huge nail polish fanatic and this is great and the price is also very good!

  • Amazing

    From: Amber
    Shade: Passion Fruit

    These are gorgeous, opaque and last so long- I really love them!

  • Perfect bright teal

    From: S Valentine
    Shade: Green Berry

    I love this range! The Gel Hi Shine polishes have a lovely creamy consistency and go on opaque in two coats. The 'Greenberry' shade is a gorgeous bright teal, which I have teamed with the 'Damson' shade from the range, to create an ombre effect.

  • Lovely polish

    From: Sue
    Shade: Black Cherry

    Love this polish,but what happened to Cocoa

  • Long lasting easy to apply

    From: Em
    Shade: Black Forest

    Absolutely love this bought and applied for a wedding. Great professional finish and lasted well had lots of compliments on the colour akai smoothy x

  • Great Finish

    From: Ruby
    Shade: Chai

    Lovely colour and beautiful shine. Had on for about four weeks and has only just began to chip. Vegan too which is so great!

  • Amazing polish !!

    From: Rose Taylor
    Shade: Black Cherry

    I already have black cherry, almond and lychee colours, will also be getting one of the reds ! Its fantastic polish lasts for ages, no chipping, fabulous shine, dries quickly, great price, no sitting in a salon for a hour - what's not to like ! Brilliant

  • love it!!!

    From: jade
    Shade: Acai Smoothie

    had this nail varnish on for 2 weeks and still not one chip!!! had Acai smoothie, colour is lush! so many people have complimented on the colour and asked what nail varnish this is. would highly recommend! and will be purchasing more from the gelly hi-shine range

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