Coconut Infusion

Barry M Coconut Infusion is an entirely new and innovative Nail Paint formulation. Its unique, caring blend of Coconut Water and Coconut Oil gently hydrates and nourishes nails while delivering a beautifully smooth, gel-like glossy manicure. Enriched with anti-oxidizing properties, the strengthening benefits of patented Hexanal and Vitamins B & C, nails will be repaired and replenished, resulting in a brighter, healthier looking, long lasting finish. Its exclusive High Reflective Resin System offers lustrous shine, fluid coverage and amazing depth of colour.   How to Apply…
1. Paint a thin layer of colour and allow to touch dry. (No base coat is required as the healthy nutrients will infuse, hydrate and protect the nail).
2. Paint a second thin layer of colour and allow to touch dry.
3. Coconut Infusion provides a bright, gel-like glossy finish. If desired, add a topcoat!


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Sophie Harris-Greenslade shows us how to get this fun summer, festival nail art using Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paints.

Product Used:
Coconut Infusion Nail File All in One Nail Paint

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  • Amazing!!

    From: abby

    The coconut infusion polish in 'bikini' is BEAUTIFUL! The colour is fresh and summery and has been complimented on more than once. The consistency is just right, so it goes on perfectly and smooths out nicely - two coats is perfect. The finish is shiny and almost gel like... The best bit? It lasts FOREVER! I am lazy and don't often use a topcoat, therefore see chips after about 2 days. I have been wearing this for 5 days so far and have not yet had any chips... (I've been gardening, dying my hair, going to the dump and more messy things) I will be buying it in every colour!

  • A happy customer is one which returns

    From: B J

    I never bought any Barry M products before because in my mind it was cheap and useless.... then this shade caught my eyes and it was cheap so i bought and it proved me wrong! I love it so much! smells so nice, perfect finish and amazing nude colour which really compliments my skin tone!

  • Amazing colors

    From: Samantha

    When I first had these polish I didn't think much of them.started wearing them and fell in love since then my nails are much stronger and it's helped them grow a lot...barry m is one of my favourite polish makes ever! Will never change them.

  • Amazing!

    From: Rach
    Shade: Laguna

    BarryM has outdone themselves this time and i hope its a product they never discontinue! Just two coats needed that dry extremely quickly and last for at least 5 days with minor wear,no top coat required. Also minimal staining upon removal,the coconut infusion really does help keep nails nourished.


    From: Lucy

    My two favorites have to be either Bikini or Aloha. They're just great colors if your going on vacation to somewhere tropical, or even just to do for fun!! They're beautiful and I highly recommend them to others!!

  • Beautiful

    From: Louise
    Shade: Laguna

    Love this nail polish - Laguna is SUCH a beaut colour - a gorgeous, summery blue. It has a wider brush, for an easier application, it lasts, it's pigmented (2 coats and you're done) and it really hydrates your nails as well as looking gorgeous! I bought it mainly for the colour not for the treatment, but I'm so happy with both aspects of it! Seriously worth the money, the packaging is so cute, the quality is great, the colour is stunning, must have!!!

  • Fabulous Product!

    From: Melanie Walton

    Having weak, flaky nails, I just had to try these and all I can say is WOW!! Great brush and consistency to the polish and fantastic coverage. I love the Aloha colour for summer! Will be buying more shades after payday :). In an attempt to strengthen my nails, I'm using the Mani-Mask first as a base-coat and applying colour on top. I have old gel polish growing out and really can't tell that it's there now. Really need to get round to soaking that off...

  • coconut dream

    From: susie blue

    I love this nail polish. I bought 3. The laguna and bikini and the dark pink one. All beautiful and last forever. I will not bu any other nail polish now as I am truly spoilt.

  • In love!!

    From: Kitty
    Shade: Laguna

    I'm obsessed with this nail polish, it has made my nails so strong, it dries very fast and somehow doesn't chip!! Just wish they would bring out some more colours :)

  • Great All in One

    From: Charny777
    Shade: Laguna

    This nail varnish is a great all in one. It's shiny and smooth and stays on without chipping for days. When removing it comes off easily and my nails aren't dry or damaged at all. I want all the colours!

  • Wow

    From: Kirsty

    It has so many wonderful colours x

  • Perfect classic red

    From: Vernie par la Vie

    Very easy to apply, easy to remove, glossy finish, incredible color and the formulation has a nice delicate smell when applying. Barry M knows best!

  • Red Hot

    From: DeeDee

    Lovely finish, beautiful gloss that lasts. It took three days of heavy housework to get the first chip. Highly recommended

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    From: 💝LUCY💝

    They are sooooo good!! Used them went I went to Florida and they're the best colours to wear! They're really clear too, and I would highly recommend them!! 💅

  • Fantastic

    From: Dawne
    Shade: Laguna

    High Quality fairly priced product - highly recommend!

  • Amazing!

    From: Suzie
    Shade: Flamingo

    The colour is not exactly as it looks on the website - its a bit more orange, but I love it! Such a summery colour! I only needed to apply two coats and it was so shiny!

  • Really professional finish

    From: Carol
    Shade: Laguna

    Look & Feel like i've had a proper manicure! Love it. It's a fresh colour, contemporary and i feel like ive had a real treat!

  • not bad at all

    From: denny

    Really nice colour, easy to apply, all in all really good quality. My favourite is defiantly the blue but I haven't tried them all.....yet.

  • The Best!

    From: Kathy
    Shade: Popsicle

    This is the best nail polish I have ever used! It goes on lovely and the finish is perfect and shiny and lasts ages! I'm going to buy it in every colour!!

  • Fantastic polish,

    From: Julie

    I don't normally leave reviews, but as I often read them and find them helpful, I thought I owed it to Barry M ( and the rest of humanity) to say how much I love the coconut infusion range. I have a couple of colours and love the quality when they are on. They are easy to apply and when I remove them, my nails are healthy and smooth. And to top it all, they are '5 free' and the price is very reasonable. Wow!! Thank you Barry M

  • 😍

    From: Justine
    Shade: Flamingo

    I've been looking for a nail varnish that wasn't tested on animals as well as being kinder to my nails. I find nail varnishes harsh on my weak nails, however, this nail varnish doesn't smell potent, dries so quickly, lasts longer than others and doesn't ruin my nails 🤗👏🏼💗