Covering the whole colour spectrum, these award-winning Nail Paints are in a quick-drying, long-lasting base suitable for both natural and acrylic nails.


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  • Amazing and Natural

    From: bh

    I love this nail paint, and find it's especially great for school (as makeup rules can be quite strict there!). It's like the BB cream of nail paint, as it gives your nails a natural gloss and disguises any imperfections. I use it almost every day now!

  • Gorgeous

    From: bh
    Shade: Masquerade

    This glitter nail paint is absolutely gorgeous and great for nights out. Although it's quite hard to remove (most glitter ones are anyway), it has managed to become one of my favourite nail paints. I love the mixture of blue and pink with hints of gold (its a bit hard to see on the photo), and it goes great on top of a plain purple nail paint.

  • Best Nails Ever

    From: Natalie Haley

    I bought this the other day and I fell in love with it straight away! This is my favourite colour and favourite nail varnish.

  • LOVE....

    From: HJ

    I have been using these nail varnishes from Barry M for years now as I am Vegan. The price is perfect and so is the quality, the colours and the service. I do LOVE Barry

  • love it

    From: sara
    Shade: Ruby Slippers

    You need a base coat with this. However once on the effect is lovely. Just red enough with great sparkle., exactly like its name suggest. Definitely a party colour to glam up the little black dress.

  • Great Purple Polish

    From: bh

    This is a lovely nail polish. The formula is great - as with most of the classics - and it's really easy to apply. The colour is a little darker than the pictures suggest, but it can still just about be counted as a pastel. All in all it's a great nail polish.

  • Nice Glitter Topcoat

    From: bh
    Shade: Diamond

    This is a really nice glitter topcoat, with silver holographic microglitter, normal sized glitter, and hex glitter, on a clear base. You would need a lot of layers to make it opaque, but that's not what it's meant to be used for. It's a little bit too bold for me as a topcoat, but it's great in a Jelly Sandwich.

  • Exactly What It Says

    From: bh

    This is a lovely nail paint, exactly bright red. Although I wouldn't normally wear this colour by itself, because it's so bright, it is perfect for nail art (e.g. plaid and Chinese new year!). It only needs two coats, maybe three if you do it thinly, and has an amazing, smooth formula that makes it really easy to apply.

  • Lovely, long-lasting colour

    From: Katrina
    Shade: Ballerina

    This is a lovely shade of pink, not too sweet or cutesy. The polish is smooth and easy to apply, and it lasts really well (I'm on day three with not a single chip). Amazing quality for the price!

  • My fave polish

    From: Amy
    Shade: Masquerade

    I've been using Barry m nail paint for years now and there buy far the best I've ever used amazing colours and long lasting my favourite iis masquerade I love it looks great on toes over black polish