Customer Reviews

I have 2 Barry M lipsticks and I love them. I was just getting into makeup when I saw Richie (a youtuber) review your lip paints. Well I live in the USA but I had to have the lavender colour. So I got it. I'm so glad I did. I have to admit that I use the whole thing and I need a new one. I also have the gold one which my boyfriend says makes me look perfect which is always nice to hear. Thank you Barry M! I will continue to spread you around LA!

Ginn from Altadena (USA)

I totally am in love with everything Barry M! I just cant stop myself buying it, I love the Lip Paint especially Pink 100, Dazzle Dust is just brilliant perfect for any girls handbag for a night on the town.

Natalie from Essex

I just love the range of colours all Barry M products come in. The wide selection of nail varnish colours means there is always a colour for any outfit, its tough wearing too. I use the dazzle dusts everyday and always have so many comments about my eyes everyday, the colour stays vibrant for so long, it still looks fresh at the end of a 12 1/2 hour day at work. My friends are now addicted to Barry M products too!

Jen from Cheltenham

I just want to say I absolutely LOVE Barry M. I'm driving my mum crazy with my obsession. I currently own more than 15 nail paints and and a couple of kohl pencils, and will not keep it that way, Im already on my way to superdrug!

Tamara Khalil from London

I saw your products advertised on TV, but I never thought to look at them as I thought they were bound to be tested on animals. When I saw they were animal friendly I went out and bought a dazzle dust, 2 nail varnishes and a mascara and they were great. Im in to heavy metal and hardcore rock and the black make-up stays on all through the concerts and gigs.

Fee from Hastings

Barry M nailpolishes are my favourite-they last for a long time, are never streaky and many in the range are free of sparkle and shimmer, something I am tired of seeing in other nailvarnishes! They easily beat more expensive brands-if given the choice between OPI and Barry M, I'd choose Barry M every time!

MiamiMortimer from Kerry

I love Barry M make-up. I suffer from eczema and really struggle to find make-up that doesn't irritate my skin, but your make up is amazing and everything I have tried I can use, it's brilliant, thank you.

Davina from Northampton