Beauty Tips - Eyes


Eye Arrow

If you feel that you are not adventurous enough, try starting with muted shades as they add colour softly and can help shape the eye.

White pearlized colours act as highlighters.

Pastel colours draw attention to eyes as well as making them look refreshed.

Dark skins look great with deep colours, purples, red, dark blues and greens and especially pearlized colours.

Eyeshadows can be applied with a few different applicators. A good eyeshadow brush is worth paying for by helping the eyeshadow glide on easily and ensure an improved finish.


Use your Dazzle Dust as an eyeliner by wetting your brush before applying it.

Use Vaseline or Foundation Creme as a primer to make eyeshadow stay on longer and stop it cracking.

Create colours by blending two or more shades of dazzle dust or fine glitter dust together for a new look.

Put Fine Glitter Dust over the Dazzle Dust to really make the colour intensify and sparkle.

Dazzle Dust

Dazzle Dust can be used almost anywhere! It's so versatile, try putting it on your lips and cheeks for a different look.

For a vibrant lip gloss, or if you want to match your lip gloss to your eyeshadow, apply a clear lip gloss to your lips and put dazzle dust over the top with your fingers.



Apply black mascara first and then apply a coloured mascara to the tips of your lashes to enhance the colour of your eyes i.e. use a blue mascara if you have blue eyes.


To make eyes look bigger apply white eyeliner inside the water line of your eye. Replace it with black if you want your eyes to look smaller.

If you want to wear fake eyelashes apply a black eyeliner above your eyelashes first so that if you don’t apply them perfectly no skin shows between your real and fake lashes.

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